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I had high expectations based on Tucker's montage and you totally exceeded them, THANK YOU! I'll be in touch next spring to do one for my son's college graduation for sure. Valerie M.

Just want to chime in and say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! !! was in a doctor's waiting room while I was watching the video and had to explain to people that I hadn't received a terrible diagnosis but was simply watching a very moving montage :)  Victoria M.

Again, thanks for your professionalism and making it seem so seamless….

xx  Gail S.

I just made Darryl close his eyes and sit on the couch and gave him the album- he hasn't seen these pics in almost two years. He Died! All he could say is "this is really something!" 

We love it. Thank you for taking the time and giving me your thoughts and advice. We will truly treasure it always! Karen K.

Lauren, These photos are so awesome - we LOVE them!   Thanks so much for all your efforts - they are so much more special than the typical usual class photos.  (I wish my daughter's school used you too!)  Ellen C.

Lauren - I seriously don't have enough words for how much we LOVE the album!!! thank you so very much! Chris G.

Lauren-these pictures are AMAZING!!!!! You totally captured Jack.  Nancy S.

Enjoy is an understatement!!!   Everything looks fantastic...bringing a smile with every page.
Thanks so much! Barbara G.

Just looked through the blue room brotherhood images, your talents amaze me / every kid looks gorgeous and you captured their personality. Johanna S.

OMG! Love the pics! The album is beautiful, and the box is amazing!  Thank you so much. Now I wish we weren't moving cuz we won't have you to take pictures anymore. Tara S.